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Complete Lip Care Line


 When it comes to skincare, the skin on our lips is often omitted from our skincare routine, while the rest of our skin is religiously treated with hydrating masks, serums and moisturizers - leaving our lips to suffer from severe dryness and chapping. If you have not given your lips the nourishing treatment they deserve, now is the time to do so with Kalihaz Cosmetics.  

100% Organic & Natural


Kalihaz Cosmetics is a nourishing lip care line designed to care for individuals with beautiful full lips. Our products are always 100% Organic & Natural. 

Health in Beauty


We are passionate about the health in beauty, which is why we never use harsh or toxic chemicals. Each of our products are handcrafted and infused with essential oils such as coconut oil and sweet almond oil to lock-in moisture for nourished, irresistibly soft lips.

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